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Crude Oil and Gas Brokerage.

The only product we market and procure is crude oil in varying quantities as needed by our client or as offered by our client.

Sales of the product comes in varying packages of delivery which includes:

1. Contract
2. Tanker to Tanker Transshipment (T.T.T)
3. We market for licensed companies with allocation from the government.
4. We also secure products for buyers
5. Cost Insurance and Freight (C.I.F)
6. Tanker Take Over (T.T.O)
7. Companies requiring logistics can as well count on us to go all the way for them in securing the best deal available as logistics in vessels is concerned.
8. Free On Board (F.O.B)
9. In varying capacity as readily made available in the law. Special links to several refinery worldwide

These packages of delivery, is as desired either by the seller or the buyer. Method of delivery is flexible as the major issues are availability of product on the part of the seller or his representative and the availability of fund on the part of the buyer or his representative. We deliver on our word only to fulfil your part of which side of the bargain you fit in. We also handle logistics should the need arise we walk and work with you all the way.

The ray of hope at the sight of a document indicating that there is a product available for pick up in whatever delivery term that is offered by the selling company, so many a time the ray of hope along the line all of a sudden disappears with the moment…. Reason(s) been it was a hoax, the contract terms were not well communicated, and agents are not open enough to put aside greed.

To seal any deal, just follow to the letter the procedure of the selling party.

Adjustment, modification or correction no matter what it is called once a line is altered, the contract will not pull through fair enough there is always an exception to every rule.

To close the deal, paramount to any contract are:

The fear of the seller is does the proposed buyer has the financial capability to purchased the proposed quantity as at when due?

The fear of the buying party proposing to buy the product been offered for sale by the selling party is that is the product available in the terms offered?

Once either party can put to rest their fears, verifying the availability of product by the buying party and the verification of fund by the selling party once this basic element of verification is settled the contract is reduced to here is the product just pay for it.

One assurance we have is that once we set out to work with your company you will get