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  • Prime Global Oil and Gas recruitment

    We are a global recruitment organisation that specialises in the provision of highly skilled technical and managerial professionals to a range of Oil and Gas jobs.
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  • Best Oil companies contractor

    We are the major contractors to many multinational oil companies worldwide.
    We are a service based company in the oil and gas sector of the industry for years.
    We outsource for producers owning OML. .. Read More

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  • Logistic Services

    Whatever your needs are in ocean-going crude-oil tanker we are able to hand you the best package that will suit your need.
    We also provide for you with a world insurance product that fits in into plan.
    We will also track your vessel from the loading .. Read More

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  • Experts in Managing and Resourcing Manpower Projects

    We are experts in managing and resourcing manpower for global projects. We stand in possibilities of transnational corporation and mutually benefiting business relationship... Read More

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  • Pipeline Construction and Maintenance

    We offer services covering the installation and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines. We also facilitate the distribution of gas to residential and commercial premises through gas .. Read More

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Logistic Services (Marine and Land).


We offer an extensive recovery and remediation service for any oil spillage scenario.
This includes the cleaning up of the spillage and recovery of spilled crude

Prime Global Oil and Gas Recruitment offers solutions for optimal oil spill response and recovery. With offices, staff and equipment strategically located around the world, Lamor is able to deploy to the scene rapidly and effectively to best serve the environmental needs of corporations, the public and ecosystems.

The company develops, manufactures, and supplies best available technology (BAT) oil spill recovery equipment and services. Included in its portfolio of solutions, Lamor offers contingency planning, risk assessments, equipment maintenance and service coupled with training.

Suppliers of oil absorbents, peatsorb, pads, booms, cushions and spill equipment

At Prime Global Control we aim to provide a range of products and services that are efficient, cost effective and reliable to deal with the prevention of spillage as well as to deal with spillage if and when it occurs.
We provide:
•    Range of absorbent materials for oil and other hydrocarbon based products
•    Range of absorbent material for chemicals and other liquids
•    Spill kits
•    Oily water separators
•    Oil skimmers
•    Pumps
•    Oil containment booms
•    Training service
•    Spill response service
•    Site inspection service providing guidance on safety, environment and ISO regulations
oil absorbents, peatsorb, pads, booms, cushions and spill equipment