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Dredging of River.

Prime Global Oil and Gas Recruitment is one of the foremost Nigerian-owned Dredging companies with superior and technical capabilities in the execution of complex dredging projects and specialization in the following areas:
Shoreline Protection
Urban Renewal / Reclamation Works

  • Flood and Erosion Control
  • River Flood Sweeping
  • Canalization Works

Our activities are manned by some of the very best time-tested professionals in the industry. We provide cutting edge but cost effective solutions to diverse dredging problems.

Some of the major equipments owned by B & Q Dredging Limited include:

  • IHC Beaver 300 Dredgers, 12”
  • IHC Beaver 1200 Dredger, 18”
  • IHC Beaver 6265 C, 26”
  • KOPKE 22” / 20” Suction Dredger
  • IPCO Cutter Dredger, 24”
  • Booster Station, 2 No. (One is 20” and the other is 26”)
  • Several Multi Craft Support Vessel
    • MC 1400
    • MC 1200
    • MC 1000
    • Damen 1204, 3 No.
    • Damen 1405, 2 No.
    • Damen 1506, 2 No.
  • 250 tons Lima Crane (bucket dredger)
  • 130 tons American Crane (bucket dredger)
  • 90 tons American Crane (bucket dredger)


We offer the facility to dredge rivers and lakes in almost any location. We also offer our dredging machinery for hire purposes. Please get in touch for more information