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Security Services.

Key Holding & Alarm Response:
For an annual fee, we will hold your keys and our S.I.T.O. trained and trustworthy staff will attend to emergencies while you are away or even when closed for business.

Our team will respond at short notice, meet the police or any emergency services attending and check the premises, reporting back to the client with an incident report.
BS 7984:2001- key holding and alarm response services code of practice.


Retail Security:
The primary reason for having a business is to make profit. Our trained uniformed guards on your premises will help deter theft, vandalism, pilferage, shop lifting and insider-theft and will apprehend perpetrators. This will in a large measure reduce the cost of prosecuting offenders.
BS 7858:2002- security screening of personnel employed in the security industry code of practice.

Construction Site Security:
Construction sites are particularly vulnerable to a variety of criminal acts during weekends, holidays and at night time. Vandalism and burglary expose your business to unnecessary expenses and failed deadlines.
BS 7499:2002- static site guarding and mobile patrol services code of practice.

Mobile Patrol:
The need for regular checks on your premises, plant equipment, car parks and areas susceptible to graffiti in the absence of a permanent guard is addressed by mobile patrols. Mobile patrol checks will ensure that any anomalies occurring are detected and corrective action taken immediately rather than wait for the next working day. Situations that may lead to huge losses or damage to equipment will need urgent attention. Enforce Security Services Ltd protects your interest!
BS 7499:2002- static site guarding and mobile patrol services code of practice.

Building & Hospital Security:
The first point of contact in most government buildings and private sector offices is the security post. We also understand that the first impression counts. Our S.I.A. registered security officers trained in conflict management will deal with any unwanted incidents. Our smartly dressed uniformed security officers will carry out your instructions on who to let into your building. They are trained in areas such as mail handling, office procedures, emergency drills and securing car parks.

Industrial & Commercial Security:
Whilst deployed to guard your premises, our officers will be vigilant; they will search for unusual, threatening or suspicious situations and document events thereby preventing unwanted incidents as well as providing records for future reference.

Short & Long Term Protection:
Have false alarms caused you problems and inconveniences in the past?

Will refurbishment, repair work or an accident expose your premises to easy and uncontrolled access?

Do holidays, weekends or shutdowns leave your premises without adequate security?

Could there be events, changes or situations that can cause sudden high risks that will need urgent security attention?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, Prime Logistics Recruitment Services offer Short or Long Term protection to suit your needs. We use our reliable and efficient workforce to look after your interest.